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I came to Dr. Heidingsfelder with severe pain and inhibited mobility in my neck and shoulders. This was the first time I had ever gone to see a chiropractor. After one visit, I experienced increased mobility in my neck and decreased pain all around. Dr. Heidingsfelder made himself available to accommodate my schedule, and after the second visit, I was much closer to being healed. Because of this treatment, I never had to receive pain medication or muscle relaxers that usually make me groggy and unable to complete my duties at the office. I would definitely recommend Healing Hands Chiropractic Clinic to anyone seeking spinal treatment.
Cori G.
Doctor did not assume he knew what was wrong with me but asked questions and listened to my answers. So many times a chiropractor put me on the table, gave me an adjustment and told me to schedule another week's worth of appointments without really checking on my issue. I really felt like Dr. Heidingsfelder was working with me to find the root of the problem BEFORE beginning treatment. The evening after my first treatment I felt markedly better with a great improvement in range of motion and a noticeable decrease in pain.
Fritz B.  
 Adam is the best! He takes his job very seriously, gets to know his clients, and treats me like FAMILY. Thanks Adam my back feels GREAT!
Richard D.
My 17 month old has been sick for 10 months. I have seen specialist after specialist. He would have upper respiratory infections, 15 ear infections, 6 pink eye, throwing up, pneumonia, ect. The doctors ran tests and everything came back fine. He had tubes put in and they didn't work. People had been telling me to go to the chiropractor; I finally did and I am so happy I did. We have been sick free for 1 month. My son had a runny nose and he was able to fight it off, while going to see Adam without it turning into anything else. Adam is so good with children. My son was very hesitant at first (because he had seen so many doctors). Adam took the time to build trust with my son by playing with him. Instead of being afraid my little guy will walk right in the door and walk to the back. He does not and has never cried while getting adjusted. I was worried about him being so young, but he never complains or cries. It seems to be helping him to fight infections and sickness. I also liked the Adam did not promise it would cure him, but he said let's try it and see if it works. He has done a wonderful job and as a mom I trust him to adjust my son. I highly recommend going to Adam.
Tiffany B
  I came to Dr. Heidingsfelder with a couple different ailments.  He listened patiently, asked good questions, and verified he understood my situation before beginning a physical exam.  His physical exam was efficient and comprehensive.  Along the way, he explained what he was doing and looking for.  After the exam, he laid out a plan based on which issues he thought were highest priority and made sure that was agreeable with me (which it was).  Each follow-up visit I saw improvement in both my range of motion and pain level.  Dr. Adam went above and beyond my expectations because he also addressed and spent considerable time working with the soft tissue which was hindering my range of motion and causing chronic pain.  He also recommended simple exercises to do in between visits which have helped.  Lastly, Chiropractic care is not covered by my insurance, but Dr. Adam worked with me for a reasonable rate so money was not a major obstacle in improving my health.  In closing, I highly recommend Dr. Adam to anyone who is serious about getting and staying healthy.
Jacquie T
 I went to Dr. Heidingsfelder with a variety of minor back issues, prior to my first visit I had never been to a chiropractor before and was a little apprehensive. However, after our initial consultation I felt much more assured, he spent at least an hour answering my questions, performing the examination, and educating me about my spine (which I appreciated) and what I could do to correct my issues (plus treatment). Now, after about a month and a half I am feeling much better and am glad that I took action before my aches and pains became serious chronic conditions.
Unbelievable It is unbelievable how Dr. Heidingsfelder can pinpoint the location of my pain. I suffer from tension headaches and he is able to relieve them and has shown me exercises to do to help prevent them from happening. The atmosphere is very laid back and pleasant. His staff is very friendly and accomodating when setting appointments. He truly has a gift.
Tara S.
Headache cure with Healing Hands I have suffered with headaches and numbness in my hands for years and have started seeing Dr. Heidingsfelder for the last three months and can honestly say that my headaches have all but disappeared! I have sought the help of neurosurgeons and orthopedics and physical therapist, but this Dr. seems to be more in tune with my body and expects to get results without lots of medication and surgery. It is a pleasure to visit his office and the waiting time is very short.
Thank you so much for healing my headache and meeting me on a Saturday morning. I truly was in pain for 3 days. When you got through working your magic I literally left your office pain free. I cannot believe it was radiating from my neck. You are truly and awesome doctor and would recommend you to anyone.... especially if they have bad headaches! THanks!
I had been having pain in my arm and shoulder for about two months. I just kept writing it off to pulled muscle from working in the yard. It got worse and worse when I would sit down for short or long periods. My wife set me up an appointment with Dr. Adam on a Wednesday and with in two weeks I was feeling much much better. Dr. Adam took the time to explain the reasons for my pain. He explained each step of the process that I was going through in a very understandable manner. He worked with me to to help me better understand what I needed to do to continue my healing process through exercises and education. This was my first time going to a chiropractor and I am beyond happy and very satisfied with the service and friendliness of Dr. Adam and his staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Adams at Healing Hands and would recommend driving that extra mile for the opportunity to meet with Dr. Adam.
Eric B.
This morning I was tired of walking around with a pain in my back and a crink in my neck so I decided to find a chiropractor here in town to take a look at my problems.  Now I have been weary of chiropractors as I have been to some who think they need to adjust every bone in your body in order to correct a sore neck and others who try to hard sell you infra red treatment or hot stones massages as "necessary course of treatment".
 Not with Dr. Adam Heidingsfelder.  Dr. Adam's office is right across the street from Port City cafe and next to Brick Oven Pizza.
 When I walked in I found a very modest and discreet office setting.  He had me fill out paperwork and after a few minutes, he was the first doctor I have been to who took the time to review my answers with me before starting treatment.
 He took me back into one of his treatment rooms and spent about 20 minutes explaining to me who the spine works and what he believed was the source of my problems.  Here I thought i was coming in for a wham and bam spine adjustment and ended up getting compression treatment, neck realignment and a thorough explanation of the course of treatment he would like me to follow.
 I have finally found a chiropractor who set a course of treatment based on my entire body and not just my neck and back.  My entire visit was one where Dr. Adam would offer suggestions with everything from diet to possible remedies for my insomnia.
 But what impressed e the most about Dr. Adam was his genuine interest in my health and complete well being.  I know he has to pay the bills, but he seemed to care more about helping me get healthy than whether I could cover the cost of treatment.
 I left feeling no pain and gaining back my complete range of motion in my neck!!!
 Remi O.
On my first visit, Dr. Adam examined me and found all my muscles, especially my neck and my hamstrings to be very tight. He massaged my back with a hand held massager. Then he led me to a massage chair. He turned it on the chair begin to massage my calf muscles. He handed me the remote control for the massage chair and told me to experiment to discover the different types of massages. This was great. I got to experience different areas of my back being massaged by different types of massages. When the timer went off, he gave me an order to go to have x-rays done. After the first visit, I walked out feeling relief from the tension in my upper back muscles and in my calf muscles. On my second visit, I gave him the disk of the x-rays. We reviewed the x-rays together. I looked at my bones and joints as Dr. Adam explained to me what the x-rays revealed. To give a visual for comparison between healthy bones and joints, Dr. Adam showed me his bones and joints, assuring he could help me, provided I do my part. After his diagnosis and prognosis he began my treatment by massaging my back with the hand held massager. Then he adjusted my back. He massaged my shoulder and neck muscles with his hands. He did not do any adjusting to my neck, because he said my shoulder muscles were still too tight. He put me in the massage chair and turned on the chair and it began to massage my calf muscles. I really like this. After my 20 minute walk in the morning my calves need a good massage. Before my third visit, I took the time to write down a few notes to let Dr. Adam know what my bones and joints were doing, TODAY! When he greeted me at his reception desk and asked me, “How are you, today?” I responded, “I have it written down for you”. He smiled and said, “Okay.” He led me to his office and listened to me and took some notes, before he began my treatment for the day. I appreciate this very much in a doctor. As a patient, I am aware I am to take responsibility for the health and well-being of my wonderfully and respectfully made body. It is true that doctors go to school to gain knowledge about how God wonderfully and respectfully created the body and how the body with all its parts work together to keep a person healthy. What I respect most about the practice of chiropractors is that they work with their understanding of God’s creation to help a person who has suffered an injury in three ways; 1. To get them out of pain and give them relief. 2. To correct the root cause of the pain by adjusting bones to give proper alignment and balance. 3. To strengthen the muscles damaged from being overworked to compensate for the misalignments. 4. To maintain the all the restorative work through periodic adjustments as needed. I thank God for all chiropractors. After massaging my muscles and adjusting my neck and my lower back, Dr. Adam had me lie on my back upon a massaging table. The table had rollers and they went up and down my back; from my neck to my buttocks for 10 minutes. When it was done, I stood up. I felt as light as a butterfly. We scheduled my appointments for next week. I asked for some of his cards to give referrals. I thanked him and told him to have a great weekend. He in kind, bid me the same. I thank God for Dr. Adam, Today! In three visits, I am confident, trust and respect what Dr. Adam at "Healing Hands" with God's help can do for a body that needs help.
Cassandra W.