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Spinal adjustment/manipulation
Dr. Heidingsfelder is highly trained in spinal manipulations and adjustments, which can increase motion to the joints and
decrease pain. A chiropractic adjustment, which is normally but not always applied to the spine, utilizes a quick but gentle
maneuver, to enable movement in joints with decreased range of motion, thereby decreasing pain. Joint mobilization is a
similar to manipulation but is used in different conditions. It is not as quick as a manipulation but it is still effective at
increasing motion in joints with limited range of motion. There are several "techniques" for adjusting that
Dr. Heidingsfelder uses including:
Motion palpation
Flexion Distraction decompression
 A flexion distraction table is used to treat the lumbar and thoracic spine. It moves up and down, and side to side;
providing traction, which mobilizes the spinal joints, addresses disc herniations, and decreases spasm in the
surrounding soft tissue. Multiple studies have shown this specific lumbar traction technique to decrease
intradiscal pressure thereby hydrating a degenerated disc or helping to decrease the severity of disc herniations.

Trigger point / muscle spasm therapy
Trigger point therapy is a bodywork technique that involves the applying of pressure to tender muscle tissue in order
to relieve pain and dysfunction in other parts of the body. Sometimes massage and trigger point therapy are performed
together.  The purpose of trigger point therapy is to eliminate pain and to re-educate the muscles into pain-free habits.
After several treatments, the swelling and stiffness of neuromuscular pain is reduced, range of motion is increased,
tension is relieved and circulation, flexibility and coordination are improved.

Traction is a decompression modality that gently stretches the spine using precise intermittent pulling. This stretching
reverses the forces of gravity that cause discs to degenerate, muscle spasms, and reducing pain.
Exercises and therapy
Dr. Heidingsfelder also uses Graston technique, electrical muscle stimulation, and ultrasound therapies.
Without some type of rehabilitation, recovery from your condition can take longer to achieve. When muscles, tendons
or ligaments are injured through work injuries, automobile accidents, overexertion, repetitive motion, or simply inactivity,
it can affect the joints (spine) around the injury. Without proper tone and strength of those muscles, your problem may
return, worse than it was when you began care.Dr. Heidingsfelder would rather you recover in less time and visits in the
office, than you coming into the office over and over with the same complaint. It is better for everyone to have happy,
educated, and strong patients singing the praises of chiropractic.